Trainer Profile

TOEIC instructor

Michael Randolph(マイケル ランドルフ)
M.A. Degree in Shakespeare Studies, University of Birmingham
TESOL Certificate

Work History

TOEIC teaching History Over 21 years
Teaching History at 2 Japanese universities 17 years (Komazawa, Toyo)
Other English Tests taught 8 years experience as a TOEFL and SAT instructor
Other information Co-owner of M&R English School (11 Years)
Teacher trainer at Shogakukan for 6 years.
Teacher trainer for the boards of Education in Kanagawa, Tokyo and Saitama


‘How to Maximize your English Abilities’  留学研究マガジン, 1998年, Vol.20
‘The Shamanic Influences on Shakespeare’s Fools’  駒沢大学出版, 2006 年3月
‘Historicity and Religiosity in King John’  東洋大学出版, 2012 年4月
TOEIC: Outside the Box (Textbook)  Amazonオンラインブック, 2014 年9月
‘The Power and Powerlessness of Women in Jacobean Tragedy’  東洋大学出版, 2016 年4月
‘Fair Fruit in an Unwholesome Dish: Food and Disillusion in Troilus and Cressida’  東洋大学出版, 2018 年4月
Shakespeare is a Voice of our Common Humanity     Teaching Shakespeare Magazine     Spring 2018
Directing Midsummer Night’s Dream at Kumon Leysin Academy Switzerland